Thursday, October 23, 2003

Country ham and biscuits

I'm not a big advocate of prayer, but Aunt Eunice needs some sort of help.
For many years, Aunt Eunice has been a champion of local fundraising for the Arthritis Foundation. She also has had both knees and hips replaced as a result of the crippling condition.

She had not been feeling well the last weekend of September, and after closing her restaurant of 50-plus years for the day on Sept. 29, she went to the doctor. He immediately sent her to the hospital.

An infection in one of her legs last spring apparently never completely healed, according to Eunice's daughter, and that's what sent her back to the hospital. After being admitted, her kidneys failed - a likely result of many years of medication for the arthritic pain.

About 18 months ago, Eunice's Country Kitchen celebrated its 50th year in business. This may be the longest stretch the restaurant has been closed during that half-century. The owner has become Aunt Eunice to generations since taking over a business called Lee High Drive In in 1952. Mayors became loyal customers, bringing with them governors and congressmen. National magazines and network television shows featured Eunice's over the years.

Having lived there for ten years, I can attest that Eunice is, herself, a Huntsville landmark. When she gets better — and she will  get better — go pay her a visit at her restaurant.

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